Barotti is a musician and multimedia artist based in Berlin. After completing his music studies in drums at the Siena Jazz Academy, he moved to Berlin in 2007. There he joined forces with Plastique Fantastique, an art collective specializing in infatable urban architecture. They began creating interactive sound sculptures together and their installations have been exhibited at Saatchi Gallery, Clerkenwell Design Week London and Design Week Milan. The work Sound of Light (made for Urbane Künste Ruhr 2014) won the Let’s Colour Award. Their work also extends into pop: they designed an infatable stage diving machine for the current live shows of Peaches that is now touring around the world. Since 2011, Barotti has also teamed up with Asphalt Piloten, an interdisciplinary group of artists who work to transform public spaces. Together, they have traveled all over Europe and Russia with various projects, winning the Swiss June Johnson Dance Award, as well as the Kultur-&-Kreativpiloten Deutschland Award. In addition, he also played the lead part in Berlin Für Helden, a movie by legendary German underground director Klaus Lemke. Barotti released his debut album in 2015, Rising, referred to as: “An urban landscape consisting of beats, drops from the keys and atmospheric sounds. Author’s house music. Epic.” by Ralf Niemczyk of Rolling Stone.           Rising won the 2015 Music Board Berlin Grant.