Hatori Yumi

Born in Palermo, completes his studies in Rome and Palermo. He is musicologist and scholar of the soundscape: his Master Degree thesis – titled ” Paesaggio Sonoro e Nuovi Media” (litterally Soundscape and New Media) – explores the possibility of recreating and diffuse sound environments through the use of new multimedia technologies. In particular, his research focuses on building an app that virtually reproduces the three-dimensional acoustic environment of the “Vucciria”, known market town in Palermo. In the field of music, he began his career as a bass player before moving to electronic music. His main artistic project – Hatori Yumi – allows him to participate in various festivals in Europe, among them should be mentioned LPM 2011, the Live!IXem2011, the PuntoyRaya Festival, the Flussi Festival, the Moozak and InTouch Festival sharing the stage with some artists of the most important scene including AtomTM, Kangding Ray, Oval, StephanMathieu, Marc Behrens. He takes part in workshops on the soundscape held by Bernard Fort for TempoReale, those kept in Favignana (TP) for Live!iXem 2011 by Xabier Erkizia, Xavier Balderas and Marc Behrens. His musichas been chosen by the spanish artist Lisi Prada for her videos presented during the exhibition of digital art Madatac of Madrid, for PuntoyRaya Festival 2014 in Reykyavik, for the 17th Japan Media Arts Festival in Tokyo, for the 6th International Video Art Festival FIVAC-2015 in Cuba and during the “III Muestra Videoexploraciones Surrealists” in Lima, Peru.

He has published for a lot of label and netlabel like Nephogram, Stochastic Resonance, Brusio, Haze and NakedNoises. “Automate playlist works emotional” is his latest work, self-released on Aug. 2015 Among others, he has founded BrusioNetLabel, an online label that promotes and distributes experimental and crossing music. In addition, to having organized several major events, he’ve tooken part in the production of the international festival MainOFF that, during the edition of 2012, has musically connected three of the most important Italian cities (Palermo, Roma, Bologna).



Selected gig-ography

  • 8.11.14 RawData 2.0 A/V Performance ft BinaryCodedBrain @ DalVerme [Roma]
  • 27.7.14 RawData 2.0 A/V Performance ft BinaryCodedBrain @ RadiOlevano [Olevano Romano]
  • 22.06.14 RawData 2.0 A/V Performance ft BinaryCodedBrain @ SR Showcase [Rome]
  • 23.5.13 RawData 2.0 A/V Performance ft BinaryCodedBrain @ ReMedium [Salerno]
  • 22.9.12RawData A/V Performance @ Moozak Festival [Vienna]
  • 17.3.12 æ [liveset] – A/V Live Performance @ Forte Fanfulla [Roma]
  • 11.12.11 æ A/V Performance @ Live!ixem 2011 [Favignana]
  • 4.11.11 RawData A/V Performance @ Punto y Raya Festival [Madrid]
  • 24.8.11 RawData A/V Performance @ Flussi Festival [Avellino]
  • 19.5.11 RawData A/V Performance @ LPM [Rome]
  • 22.4.11 RawData A/V Performance @ InTouchFestival [Minsk]
  • 23.9.10 Liveset @ Main_OFF Festival 2010 [Palermo]